Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Pageant Tip #7: Remember "Any given pageant..."

As I've written a million times before, pageant speculations make me truly crazy! I agree it's fun to guess who might win and obviously you cheer for your favorite, but I want to slam a stiletto through my scull every time I read on message boards that the "only good choice for the crown is..." the contestant with past experience. Or when fans are "shocked" that a newcomer beat out women who had been to Miss Ohio. I want to ask people who whole-heartedly believe these statements why on earth they're even pageant fans? It's like being an avid football fan without understanding how a touchdown is scored! Pageants are subjective and no one knows what happened in the interview room!

So I love when I find great examples like this...

Recently Brittany Hagan took on runners-up from nearly 40 states in the National Sweetheart pageant and won. Women who compete at Sweetheart often go on to win their state; we all know this is true of Ohio's Erica Gelhaus and Becky Minger. A handful of Sweetheart winners and participants have even won Miss America.

It's logical to think that if you could beat 40 women from around the country who were nearly sent to Miss America that winning a local in your home state would be automatic, right? Nope! Because pageants aren't logical. Brittany competed in Miss Central Indiana and was First Runner-up to this woman, Lauren Petersen:

This is not meant to be negative toward Brittany, though it will be interesting to see where she and Lauren both end up next summer at Miss Indiana. Rather, the moral of the story is never, ever concern yourself with who else is competing in the pageant, doing so is wasted energy. When you crown your competition in your mind, all you've done is taken the crown off your own head.
Just be you and do your best!

Any. Given. Pageant.

Different Day. Different Judges. Different Winner.

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  1. Britney won a local in Florida where she is attending graduate school.


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