Monday, September 13, 2010

The Miss Ohio 2010 MISScellanea Awards: Favorite Wardrobe RESULTS!

In the category of Favorite Overall Wardrobe I nominated six women who wore consistently flattering and impressive pieces at Miss Ohio: Amber Bussa, Becky Minger, Ellen Bryan, Kristy Moneysmith, Meggie Wittman and Nanciann Strosnider.

67 votes were cast; while I totally agree with your Top 3, my hands down favorite ended up in third place...

Nanciann Strosnider received 17.9% of the vote.
I thought her flowy white gown epitomized Miss America, her Art Deco inspired talent dress had an undeniable wow factor and the color of her swimsuit was perfection!

Miss Ohio, Becky Minger, won the Missy for Favorite Evening Gown, but her overall wardrobe came in a close second with 23.8%.

And the Missy for Favorite Wardrobe goes to...

Amber Bussa!
A quarter of the votes put Amber Bussa's sexy black competition wardrobe in first place! She was a Top 10 Semifinalist who manages to look trendy and sexy, yet classy all the time!

CLICK HERE to view the wardrobe collages
of all six nominees!

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