Monday, September 20, 2010

RIGHT NOW: Miss America Lottery!

CLICK HERE to watch the Miss America contestants select their placement for the competition. Also, click here to read my tweets about their picks; right now I'm baffled by all the early love for boring Flight One!

Their names are randomly drawn, then they have a few minutes to decide which number and flight they'd like. Being picked early guarantee you'll get your ideal number, but you don't know who else will join your flight! Being picked in the middle allows you to choose the company you keep, but you may not get your lucky number. And if you're name comes up late in the lottery, well then, you get what's left...

This is the order in which the contestants are selecting:

DC * MD * DE * FL * GA * NJ * CT * ME * UT * ND * NV * AL * PR * WA * HI * VA * WV * NE * WI * SD * IN * NH * CO * NC * WY * AZ

- And this is the halfway point-

For some extremely odd reason, the ten spots at the end of the first group are gone. Seven women spread themselves across group three, meaning they're confident in their swimsuit. Group two is the slowest to fill up, which in a way, follows the recent deemphasis on talent at Miss America. Miss Ohio Becky Minger hasn't been called yet, but that's probably okay... At the state level she often chooses to be first and there is plenty of room at the front of all three flights!

MO * CA * TN * MS * VI * TX * AK * MI * ID * VT * LA * RI * OK * IL * MA * OR * IA

Although there are only ten names to be called, it still looks good for Ohio's Becky Minger! She likes to be first and has a strong swimsuit. My bet is she'll go in the Sigma group (flight 3), which still has five spots!


FINALLY! Becky is the 46th of 53 women to pick her place in the Miss America 2011 lineup!
Her choices are:
#1 or #2 in Group One
#1, #2 or #3 in Group Two
#1, #3 or #4 in Group Three

And she picks... #1 in Group Three!
She'll do Swimsuit and Evening gown the first night, Talent the second and finally, Onstage Question! Becky is comfortable being #1; that was her placement 4 out of 5 years at Miss Ohio!

The final ladies to pick their placement:

SC * MN * NM * AR * MT * KY * KS

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