Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Miss Ohio 2010 MISScellanea Awards: "Nixt Out" RESULTS

And you thought the Academy Awards were long!

The MISScellanea Awards for Miss Ohio 2010 continue with what I imagine is the most anticipated category! "Nixt Out" refers to the women you thought were next in the scoring, the beauties who just barely missed the cut, the supposed 11th and 6th places...

All the contestants at Miss Ohio 2010 had their strengths, but only ten could advance. The nonsemifinalists were Alyssa Waldman, Anna Reis, Ashley Warholic, Cayla Hellwarth, Courtney Monk, Devon Stansbury, Elizabeth Wong, Heather Waterman, Heather Wells, Hiedi Negron, Jacquelyn Nichols, Katie Bowen, Kristy Moneysmith, Rebeka Zoz, Sarah Hider and Stephanie Beltz.

There were 67 votes; 16.4% went to Ashley Warholic, putting this second-year contestant in third place.

Second place and 19.4% goes to Kristy Moneysmith,
a pageant veterin.

And the Missy for 11th place goes to...

Heather Wells!

Heather was competing at Miss Ohio for her third time, having made the Top 10 last year. 32.8% of you believe she was probably next in line to make the cut again. Speaking of, here are the ladies who did...

The semifinalist were Amber Bussa, Katie Camp, Meggie Wittman, Tera Coleman and Whitney Fricke. Nearly half of the sixty votes were cast in favor of one woman.

And the Missy for 6th place goes to...

Katie Camp!

Katie also won a preliminary Talent award during this, her third year of state competition. Sadly, she has "aged out" and will certainly be missed! Last year she was a Swimsuit winner; I think she should try Miss Ohio USA!

This is a sensitive topic and I think it warrants the reminder that The Missys are unofficial and just for fun! Please CLICK HERE for the complete disclaimer.


  1. Do you know who all has aged out this year?

  2. Every year I think about doing a post saluting the ladies who are aging out, but I never do because it's a little tricky... You can't always find their exact birthdays and it's also hard to keep track of the Miss America cut off; I think it changed to January like the pageant and it's all a little confusing to me, a hater of all things math and numbers!

    Nanciann Strosnider and Katie Camp are definitely done and I'm pretty sure Jacquelyn Nichols is as well (her birthday is June 1986).

    Considering Heather Waterman graduated high school in 2005, she might be out too...???

    Katie Bowen was born in October of 1987, so I think that means she has one more year. She did get engaged, so some people think that means she's done; I find that speculation absolutely RIDICULOUS! Every woman is different; it's her choice and many engaged women have given it one last try.

    Amber Bussa is also a 1987 baby (June). Does that mean she only has one more year? :(

    I'm pretty sure the other veterans- Moneysmith, O'Neill, Wells and Bryan - each have at least 2 more years.

    Those are the only ladies I can think of; there were a lot of young contestants this year!


  3. Hey, Thanks for commeting back. I found this website somehow and it is awsome. I am from St. Henry where Erica Gelhaus is from.

  4. I'm glad you like the site. I'm also from Mercer County, a Parkway grad. :)


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