Saturday, October 23, 2010

Best of Luck to the Miss Central Ohio Pageant Tonight!

Tonight in the J. Gilbert Reece Center of the OSU-Newark branch campus Katie Camp will give away her final crown in the Miss Ohio system. She has "aged out" and will certainly be missed! Katie is a graduate of Wright State University who danced her way to the Top 10 in Mansfield with all three of her local titles. This summer she was a Talent winner and you voted her the supposed 6th place contestant in the "Nixt Out" Missy Award. In 2009 she was a Swimsuit winner as Miss Miami Valley; her first title was Miss Portsmouth 2008. Best of luck to Katie in her future endeavors!

The pageant begins at 7 p.m. and one of the following seven ladies will be crowned:

Tera Coleman
Education: Ohio State University /
Talent: vocal
Platform: Appalachian Ohio: Improvement Through Awareness
Pageant Past: Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Heart of Ohio

Ashley Bowman
Education: Kent State University / Political Science
Talent: vocal
Platform: Get Up Ge
t Out Get Going
Pageant Platform: competed recently at Clayland and for the past couple years

Education: University of Cincinnati / Marketing & Graphic Design
Talent: Dance
Platform: Girl Scouts of America
Pageant Past: competed recently at Miss Miami Valley; contestant at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Portsmouth

Erin O'Brien
Education: Upper Arlington High School
Talent: Vocal
Pageant Past: Competed in Judy Keyees' Columbus Teen pageant; she is the sister of West Virginia titleholder, April O'Brien.

Allison Goodwin
Education: Ohio University
Talent: lyrical dance
Platform: Prevention of Childhood Obesity
Pageant Past: competed recently at Clayland; 1st RU this season at Miss GC/CC

Sarah Hider
Education: Ohio University / Journalism
Talent: vocal
Platform: HIV / AIDS Awareness
Pageant Past: 1st RU and Talent winner recently at Clayland; Miss Ohio Community Service award as Miss North Coast 2009; Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2008

Amber Bussa
Education: Graduate of Ohio State University
Talent: vocal
Platform: Get in Gear to Volunteer
Pageant Past: Top 10 at Miss Ohio as Miss North Central; Non-Semifinalist Talent as Miss Portsmouth in 09

Best of luck to all the ladies! I will tweet the results as soon as I get them. As always, email me with updated contestant information and headshots.

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  1. Miss Central Ohio: Sarah Hider
    1st r/u: Anna Reis
    2nd r/u: Amber Bussa
    Talent: Amber Bussa
    Interview: Anna Reis
    People's choice: Amber Bussa
    Central Ohio Spirit award: Ashley Bowman


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