Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pageant Poll: Miss Ohio's Location

Earlier this week the Mansfield News Journal ran three stories stating the Miss Ohio organization is entertaining offers from other cities, mainly Zanesville, to host the pageant. CLICK HERE for the entire articles. For years rumors of a move have circulated, specifically due to John Kunkle's connection with both Miss Ohio and the Seacrest Auditorium in Zanesville.

Many fans also feel the pageant could be more successful if it were moved to a larger city, where there is more exposure, opportunity and possible sponsors. With all it's surrounding cities, Cleveland seems to edge out Columbus and Cincinnati as Ohio's overall largest urban area; Toledo comes in fourth. There are conflicting lists, but according to this site, Mansfield is 21st, by population, with approximately fifty-thousand residents. Zanesville is about half that size.

Of course, population means nothing if the community doesn't support the pageant and the bottom line is always money, money, money!!! Somehow Miss Ohio USA survives in Portsmouth, which is smaller than Zanesville, but it's a less involved, pay-to-play pageant... Initially any move will be difficult, so hopefully the Board of Directors is considering what is best for the program in the long run.

Where do you think the Miss Ohio Scholarship Pageant should be held?


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  2. Hi Kelly,

    I'd be happy to oblige, but I'll need more information. I have over 1500 posts from 3 years and when I search "Miss Hamilton" much more comes up than just the local pageant. Please tell me the date of the post or your last name so I can find the picture to which you're referring.

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