Saturday, October 23, 2010

Congrats to Ohio's New USA Winners!

Miss Ohio USA: Ashley Caldwell

1st RU: Agne Pilijvaite
2nd RU: Ayla Eley
3rd RU: Kay Potaraju
4th RU: Allie Wagner

I don't have time to find and list the complete Top 15 right now, but it did include favorites Megan Wise and Tiffany Schramm.

Congeniality: Allie Wagner
Photogenic: Ayla Eley

Miss Ohio Teen USA: Morgan Smigel

1st RU: Kendall Fein
2nd RU: Jenna Diller
3rd RU: Caity Jackson
4th RU: Morgan Lackey

Photogenic: Holli Mauk

*Note, this was copied from another site and I did not double check spelling; sorry for mistakes.

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