Friday, March 18, 2011

Updated: Best of Luck to the Miss Greater Butler County & Teen Program!

Saturday in Oxford two new titleholders will be crowned, Miss Greater Bulter County and Greater Butler County's Outstanding Teen! The pageant will take place at 7 p.m. in Bogan Elementary School. Details are on the Miss GBC website. Nicole Masters, Miss Hamilton 2006, will emcee and both outgoing titleholders will be on hand to crown their successors!

The outgoing Teen is Taylor Crowe. She was one of the youngest contestants at the Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen pageant, having not yet started high school! On the other hand, Miss Greater Butler County Nanciann Strosnider was a Miss Ohio veteran who has sadly "aged out."

Nanciann, or "Fancypants" as she was nicknamed during my generation of contestants was a FANTASTIC competitor; she was the class clown backstage, but onstage she had a stellar record. She was the stand-out newbie at Miss Ohio her first year, placing 4th Runner-up as Miss South Central Ohio 2005. The next year she made the Top 10 as Miss Portsmouth 2006, then returned to 4th runner-up as Miss Lake Erie 2007. The pattern continued when she was again in the Top 10 as Miss Northern Ohio 2008. As the hometown favorite, Miss Mansfield 2009 Nanciann won a Preliminary Talent award and was named 2nd Runner-up. After rumors of pageant retirement, she competed in one local last year, this, the last regular season pageant and headed to Miss Ohio for a sixth and final time. She won both the Preliminary Talent and Preliminary Swimsuit awards, but ultimately landed in the all too familiar position of 4th Runner-up. (Audible gasps were heard in the auditorium.)

And the Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda
Missy Award goes to...
Nanciann Strosnider

With all due respect to the past six Miss Ohios, she will go down in the Miss Ohio record books as a woman who could have done well at Miss America, would have been a fabulous representative across the state and should have been Miss Ohio. She will surely have much future success but will be missed on the stage in Mansfield...

One of the following six lucky ladies will take over Nanciann's last crown:

Abby Daniel
Education: Wright State University
Talent: jazz dance
Platform: Curing Cancer
Pageant Past: competed this season at Miami Valley and Muskingum Valley

Education: University of Cincinnati / Marketing & Graphic Design
Talent: dance
Platform: Girl Scouts of America
Pageant Past: 1st RU & Interview at Central Ohio; competed at Miss Miami Valley; Miss Portsmouth 2009

Jane Marie Covel
Education: Cedarville University / Business Finance
Talent: ballet en pointe
Platform: Education as a Means to Achieve Your Dreams
Pageant Past: Top 8 at Muskingum Valley recently; competed at this pageant last year

Education: Miami University
Talent: vocal
Pageant Past: Top 10 at Miss New Hampshire's Outstanding Teen; 1st RU at New Hampshire's Jr. Miss 2010

Kristy Halderman
Education: University of Toledo ?
Pageant Past:

Lauren Schwab
Education: Miami University
Talent: piano ?
Platform: possibly FAA / Agriculture ?
Pageant Past: 2008 Pork Queen

Teen Contestants

Brooklyn Thompson
Miss Portsmouth's Outstanding Teen 2008

Reagen Christman

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