Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miss Muskingum Valley - Night One

Miss Muskingum Valley is a large, two night local pageant so the contestants are divided into two groups and preliminary awards are given to the highest scoring contestant in each group and each category.

Swimsuit Winners:
Green: Kylie Johnson
Gold: Jenna Fowls

Talent Winners:
Green: Kylie Johnson
Gold: Jenna Fowls

Evening Wear Winners:
Green: Kylie Johnson
Gold: Jenna Fowls

The likely assumption is that Jenna [left] or Kylie [right] will take the crown; while they're definitely the ladies to watch in the finale, remember, many Miss States and Miss Americas are not preliminary award winner. The Top 10 will compete again in all the onstage phases of competition and the outcome will surely be VERY exciting! (Does Jenna's photo give anyone else a bit of a Becky Minger-vibe at first glance?)

Green flight:
1. Courtney Drenan
2. Sierra Moore
3. Nina Haaskivi
4. Erica Clouse
5. Janemarie Covel
6. Jenna Strickler
7. Liz Wong
8. Kylie Johnson

Gold flight:
9. Alicia Huyghe
10. Stephanie Beltz
11. Abby Daniel
12. Rebecca Ribley
13. Courtney Fraley
14. Erica Travis
15. Alyssa Phillips
16. Jenna Fowls

4 of 6 Judges:
Diane Jones
Kimaria Martin
Troy Balderson
Jeff Roquemore

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