Friday, March 4, 2011

Best of Luck to the Miss Muskingum Valley Program!

Celebrate Mardi Gras this weekend in Zanesville! That's the theme of the Miss Muskingum Valley pageant which will be taking place at the Secrest Auditorium both tonight and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. All 17 contestants will compete tonight in a preliminary then the field will be cut to a Top 10 for Saturday night's finale. This is the only two-day local pageant in Ohio and one of the largest both with regard to contestants and winnings; this article states nearly $25,000 in scholarships will be awarded!

The contestants are vying for Heidi Negron's title. Heidi was a first-time Miss Ohio contestant who unfortunately has not competed again at a local this year. She is a vocalist who studies Fashion Merchandising at Kent State and advocates Animal Rescue. Best of luck to her in the future. The outgoing Outstanding Teen titleholder is Megan Yocum, a dancers.

Most of the contestants have pageant experience, several have competed at Miss Muskingum Valley in the past and three are looking for their second trip to Miss Ohio; it should be a great competition! The following Leonard Hill photos*, information and order were found on the Miss Muskingum Valley website:

Erica Travis
Age: 19
Education: Mid East CTC
Talent: vocal
Platform: Preventing Animal Abuse and Abandonment
Pageant Past: none found

Alicia Huyghe
Age: 23
Education: Cleveland State University / Exercise Science
Talent: tap dance
Platform: Fight Against Childhood Obesity
Pageant Past: First pageant this year, but she was a strong competitor last season; Top 10 at this pageant last year.

Alyssa Phillips
Age: 19
Education: Bowling Green State University / Fashion Merchandising
Talent: harp
Platform: "Don't Suffer for Love"
Pageant Past: competed – MV/AAC/FT; 1st RU - NWO; Congeniality - M/NCO; 1st RU - Vacationland; 1st RU - MC; 2nd RU at this pageant last year

Courtney Drenan
Age: 20
Education: Zane State College and Ohio University / Political Science
Talent: tap dance
Platform: "Abstinence Works!"
Pageant Past: competed in 2009

Abby Daniel
Age: 18
Education: Wright State University
Talent: jazz dance
Platform: Curing Cancer
Pageant Past: competed at Miami Valley

Jenna Strickler
Age: 19
Education: Ohio University / Social Work
Talent: vocal
Platform: Volunteering in Schools
Pageant Past: competed at this pageant last year

Janemarie Covel
Age: 20
Education: Cedarville University / Business Finance
Talent: ballet en pointe
Platform: Education as a Means to Achieve Your Dreams
Pageant Past: competed in this and GBC last year

Sierra Moore
Age: 20
Education: Ohio State University / Pre-Health Science
Talent: piano/vocal
Platform: American Red Cross
Pageant Past: Top 10 at this pageant last year

Erica Clouse
Age: 17
Education: Meadowbrook High School
Talent: vocal
Platform: "Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter"
Pageant Past: none found

Courtney Fraley
Age: 18
Education: Ontario High School
Talent: marimba
Platform: Raise Self-Esteem - Allow Yourself to Dream
Pageant Past: competed in Miss Mansfield

Rebecca Ribley
Age: 19
Education: Ashland University / Theatre & Broadcast Journalism
Talent: vocal
Platform: Hunger in America
Pageant Past: 3rd RU – GC/CC; competed - NC; competed - M/NCO

Kylie Johnson
Age: 23
Education: graduate of Muskingum University / Conservation Science and Masters student of Ohio University / Environmental Studies
Talent: violin
Platform: Go Green! Think Globally, Act Locally
Pageant Past: 1st RU at this pageant last year; Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2009 as Miss North East Ohio; Miss Southeastern Ohio (non-MAO)

Jenna Fowls
Age: 21
Education: graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene Business & Family & Consumer Sciences
Talent: vocal
Platform: Dating Violence
Pageant Past: none found

Liz Wong
Age: 20
Education: Oberlin College / Law & Philosophy
Talent: jazz dance
Platform: Cardiac Awareness
Pageant Past: competed – NC; 3rd RU - NWO; competed - M/NCO; competed - MC; competed at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Huron County

Stephanie Beltz
Age: 23
Education: graduate of Ohio University and Columbia University / Psychology
Talent: Piano
Platform: Protecting Older Americans from Elder Abuse
Pageant Past: competed this year at Clayland; 4th RU at this pageant last year; Academic Award at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Willard

Nina Haaskivi
Age: 21
Education: Bowling Green State University / Education & Sports Admin.
Talent: vocal
Platform: Real Women, Real Beauty
Pageant Past: 3rd RU - MC

Ashley Bowman
Age: 21
Education: Kent State University
Talent: vocal
Platform: Get Up! Get Out! Get Going!
Pageant Past: competed – Clayland; competed - CO; 2nd RU - MC
*Ashley's photo was found on Facebook

CLICK HERE to meet the nine Outstanding Teen contestants; while all of their faces were adorable, none looked familiar to me.

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