Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back from a Busy Weekend…

I really didn’t want to leave the Miss USA scandal post at the top all weekend, but I’ve had a very busy few days with no time to blog… For the latest on this, click here.

Thursday night I had a Face of FOX appearance; FOX Toledo, a local radio station and Kia dealership gave away a $3500 prize package to the BCS OSU/Florida Championship game. I had to draw all the numbers in the reverse raffle, thus making me the most hated woman in the room… until the winner announces, “I’m a Michigan fan… hahaha!”

Friday I had a singing engagement at the Lima Civic Center, Saturday I had a pageantesq appearance at McDonald’s in St. Mary’s, another singing gig later that night in Celina and finally another appearance this afternoon at the St. Mary’s VFW.

What were these pageantesq appearances, you ask? Well, if you recall, a few months back I talked about competing in a televised contest called The Great American Dream Queen. I won! The finals took place a month ago, but because they didn't air until tonight, I couldn’t talk about it. Those in the Lima area can tune in to WLIO TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT to watch me get crowned. Click here for more about the show.

And… the biggest news… Loren and I got a new puppy! His name is Hanz Anderbacher and he’s a seven week old blue Great Dane. (That means he's grey.) Loren’s adult Dane, Niki, is thoroughly annoyed by the puppy, while my cat, Fuzzy, is relatively indifferent. My parents loved puppy-sitting while I was at my appearances this weekend.

Pictures of everything coming soon… for now I have to get to bed, as I’m in the TV studio filming double tomorrow morning!

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