Saturday, December 2, 2006

If I didn’t love it all… it would be the weekend from hell!

I am about to go up to my closet and put on as many pieces of clothing possible, until I can’t move! Tonight FOX Toledo is filming a holiday parade of lights in Ida Michigan, beginning at 7 p.m. BBBRRrrrrr!!!! I’ll be providing commentary from along the parade route, speaking with the crowd and hopping on a float or two. I did the same for the BG holiday parade two weeks ago, and it was a great time, but it was also thirty degrees warmer and during the day! Wish me luck… the parade will air on FOX Toledo later this holiday season.

I won’t get home until 10 or 11 tonight, then I’m playing “head coach” for the Forensics team which will be leaving BG for a tournament at Otterbein College at 5 AM Sunday! Our Director of Forensics, Paul, is with half the team at a two-day tournament in Wisconsin; so the predominately novice squad is under my instruction for the day. Though the tournament is at a small school, it’s large and competitive. It’ll be my job to keep the “newbies” focused and positive.

Forensics tournaments usually last all day long, so when I’m not judging rounds of competition that do not include BG students, I’ll be memorizing scripts- Monday morning I have a date with the TV studio to film my weekly commercials.

If I didn’t love it all… it would be the weekend from hell!

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