Friday, December 22, 2006

Life in Photo Review...

Well, sadly there's even more Miss USA scandal hitting the headlines... Click here for news articles. I'm pretty sick of it all, so instead of devoting anymore space on the web to it, scroll below for the photos I promised in a recent post! Click each photo to enlarge it.

Way back at the end of September I competed in a preliminary episode of the show The Great American Dream Queen, hosted by the amazing Heather French.

The show aired on WLIO NBC Lima. I hope to have all the photos uploaded to Webshots soon.

About a month ago the final, hosted by Ericka Dunlap, was filmed. I truly did not expect to win, as this show was targeted toward an array of ages and types of women, and I was the youngest. In the end, the gigantic crown did end up on my head! The show was fun and I especially liked catching up with former Miss Ohio contestant, Jeanna Jones, who also made it to the finals.

The day after the show Ericka and I made an o-so-glamorous appearance at a local McDonald’s restaurant, which sponsored my cash prize.

So then, as if the holiday season isn’t hectic enough, Loren and I decided to get Niki the Great Dane [above] a new friend- a puppy we named Hanz!

When I was home last weekend for several Dream Queen appearances, my parents and the puppy loved each other’s company.

The “grand-pooch” slept on my dad and saw himself in a mirror for the first time!

As for the appearances...

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