Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"You're STILL Hired."

As expected, this morning Donald Trump, owner of the Miss USA/Universe organization, announced the fate of Miss USA, Tara Conner. Conner has been at the middle of media scrutiny for her conduct at New York City bars. Media spin and anonymous fan message boards all speculated that her crown would be taken from her and perhaps Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair, would endure the same fate.

However, this morning Trump said he believes in giving people second chances. Much like the character I performed as for my Miss Ohio talent, Roxie Hart from the musical Chicago, Conner said she got caught up in the whirlwind of big city life, but does not think she is an alcoholic. Still, Trump said she will go into rehab. Click below for news articles:

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  1. I really think this is a shame! I believe that The Miss Universe Organization should do a better job of preparing these girls and setting ground rules. I know that they cannot live in a "bubble" but they need to have a chaperone live close to these girls so they can have some idea of what is going on. This could have been taken care of before this all blew up. I know "The Donald" has to love all the press/ratings now though! Also, I believe in second chances , but I have to wonder what kind of message this is sending to all of the young women around the world, especially those competing for "the crown".


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