Friday, December 8, 2006

What Not to Wear- Pageant Rewind

I just caught the last fifteen minutes of a mutant variation of one of my favorite shows on TLC, What Not to Wear. Lately they’ve been doing theme shows in which the two hosts fly solo.

Not familiar with What Not to Wear? It’s a fabulous cable program that accosts unsuspecting fashion victims, pillage their closet of horrid apparel, teach them what not to wear and redress them in five thousand dollars worth of new clothes.

It’s all very comical and necessary, given the hosts bitchiness doesn’t bother you. Personally, I love it. :)

Tonight the Pageant Rewind version of the show placed three forty-something former pageant contestants back on the stage in Evening Gown, Onstage Question, Talent and Casual Wear. Surprise, surprise, it took place in pageant country USA- otherwise known as South Carolina. I have to assume host Stacey London helped them prepare their wardrobes, but I really wasn’t all that impressed….

I’m going to tune in for the whole show at 1 a.m. While I can’t find another air date at this time, TLC usually reruns most of their shows, so check their website or your local listings.

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  1. Thanks Abby!

    My brain isn't functioning as quickly after finals, so it's taking me a while to come up w/ a new blog. I seriously have no idea.

    Hope you're well! Happy Holiday!



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