Saturday, April 21, 2007

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Today the Miss Ohio contestants are in Mansfield attending Spring Forum… by my third year of competing, I found it a “necessary evil.” Though attempts are made to make the day enjoyable, it is undeniably long and boring. New contestants will be inundated with more information than they can digest and returning contestants will count the ceiling tiles. Seriously though, by the end of the day they’ll know this year’s theme (something to do with music, I’m sure), what clothing they need for production numbers and most interestingly, their contestant number and flight.

Below are photos from the Sweetheart pageant. [From Facebook]

And for everyone who likes to go “Awww…” here are photos of Amanda Race DeHart’s new baby boy, Brody. Amanda competed at Miss Ohio as Miss Chillicothe and Miss Portsmouth; she was my roommate at Miss Ohio one of those years. She and her family are great and I wish her all the best with her new baby. [Photos copied from Facebook.]

More about the Sweetheart Pageant coming soon...

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