Sunday, April 15, 2007

Congratulations to the New Miss Buckeye State, Rachel Maris and the New Miss Heart of Ohio, Alyssa Hanson!

I just returned home from Ohio’s Sweetheart pageant and I am TIRED!!! Here are a few photos and the results… more will come soon…

[Above left to right: 2nd RU Jamie Kinton, Miss Heart of Ohio Alyssa Hanson, Miss Buckeye State Rachel Maris and 1st RU Alyssa Speicher; below left to right: Miss Heart of Ohio Alyssa Hanson, Miss Ohio 2006 Melanie Murphy, Miss Ohio 2005 Marlia Fontaine and Miss Buckeye State Rachel Maris.]

Miss Buckeye State: Rachel Maris [being crowned above left]
Miss Heart of Ohio: Alyssa Hanson [being crowned above right]

1st Runner-up: Alyssa Speicher
2nd Runner-up: Jamie Kinton

Contestant order:
#1. absent
#2. Brandi Herceg
#3. Krystle Formosa
#4. Heather Wells
#5. Alyssa Speicher
#6. absent
#7. Jamie Kinton
#8. Janelle Zindroski
#9. Katie Camp
#10. Jacqueline Adams
#11. Rachel Maris
#12. Ashley Hartman
#13. Alyssa Hanson
#14. Megan Wombacher
#15. Amanda Cupl
#16. Amy Allen

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  1. Oh my gosh, Rachel is going to be on the Miss Ohio stage...How great is that??? I am so happy for her and her wonderful family!!!!!


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