Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Congratulations Hannah Ford, the New Van Wert Peony Queen Jubilee XXXII!

I am very excited to report that Hannah Ford, a lovely young lady from my high school and my parent’s church, won a local pageant on Friday night.

The Van Wert Peony Pageant is held annually for senior women attend Van Wert County high schools. Contestants compete in Interview, Evening Gown and Talent; scholarships are awarded, but the winner does not “go on” to anything… just the local festival later in the summer.

Excitingly, Hannah is the first woman representing Parkway High School to win the title. Back in 2000 this was my very first pageant! I won Talent, Interview, the online poll and was named First Runner-up… suspiciously, the winner was from Van Wert! So Hannah’s win one small step for her pageant career and one giant leap for all Parkway women. :)

Queen Jubilee Pageant- Ford named Queen Jubilee XXXII
By Cindy Wood, Times Bulletin Editor
March 31, 2007

She loves music, and hopes to be a music producer one day. She plays the piano, the saxophone, and is a born leader - serving as president of her school's National Honor Society.She's in the art club, the book club, the drama club and the band. A blonde-haired beauty, she is Queen Jubilee XXXII, Miss Hannah Ford, a senior at Parkway High School...

Ford stood out during each segment of the pageant, and her piano performance of "Maple Leaf Rag" by Scott Joplin earned Ford the talent award as well. "I actually played that song for solo and ensemble contest back in February, so I've been practicing and playing it for a long time," Ford said. Being named Queen Jubilee is a big honor for Ford, and especially for Parkway High School."I am in awe right now," Ford said. "Parkway has never won queen before, so this is a first for us. It feels great."

Ford was strong in her opinion on prejudice during the interview portion of the pageant, and said people need to know what other people are like on the inside, and get to know the real person before drawing any conclusions. "People tend to judge other people before they even know them, and they don't give them a second chance," Ford said...

At Parkway, Ford participates in Student Council, FCA, track, golf and is active in her church youth group. Her hobbies include dancing and playing the piano, golfing and spending time with her friends. Ford's future plans include attending the University of Cincinnati to study electronic media...

The best part about the whole thing? "Meeting all the girls," Ford said. "I went into this knowing nothing about what was going to happen. All of the girls got along so great and we've all become very good friends."

CLICK HERE for the entire article.

The Van Wert Independent and Parkway Independent also covered the pageant.

CLICK HERE for the Peony Festival website which includes contestant headshots and HERE for pageant pictures.


  1. YAY! Congrats to Hannah and Parkway! I don't know Hannah but know her mother Stacy and she is a doll!

  2. It was pretty awesome - she was in the variety show (as was I, singing, haha) this past weekend and on Sunday they called her up to the front of the stage at the end of the show and recognized her as the celebrity in our midst. Pretty sweet for Parkway!



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