Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Application Deadline: Miss MMV/AAC/FT

Applications are due TOMORROW, Thursday the 23rd, for Miss Maumee Valley / Miss All*American City / Miss Fallen Timbers and respective Teen titles!

As of Monday there were enough contestants to give two Miss and two Teen titles; they needed a few more ladies to give all six.

Top 3 reasons to compete in this pageant:

#1. You'll be eligable for three titles for the time and cost of one!
#2. The performing arts center is gorgeous - NO STAIRS into the building or onto the stage! There's a large, well lite dressing room with wall-to-wall mirrors! The interviews are held on site.
#3. This pageant has an excellent track record - last year's Miss Maumee Valley was First Runner-up to Miss Ohio, Miss Fallen Timbers won a prestigious Interview Award and Miss All*American City a Talent Award.

Facts about multi-crown locals:

* 8 contestants are required for 2 Miss crowns
* 15 contestants are required for 3 Miss crowns
* 3 contestants are required per Teen Crown
* Only a single CMN fee ($100 for Miss) is needed to be eligable for all three titles.

Contact EDs Eric and Linda Wagener at 419.654.6041 or Meet the current titleholders here:

Miss Maumee Valley
Miss All*American City
Miss Fallen Timbers


  1. Any word on how mnay contestants in each category?

  2. Miss All American city did not win the talent award. That went to Miss Cuyahoga Valley I believe. I forgot her name though. Just a friendly FYI.

  3. I'm pretty sure Abby was probably referring to the fact that Jessica Barrett (the young lady who is handing over the title of All-American City next weekend) has won the talent award at Miss Ohio. (She won it her first year at state as Miss West Central Ohio.). I'm pretty sure, and correct me if I'm wrong, Abby, that she was noting that this program brings in some accomplished, wonderful young women. So she may not have won the award AS AAC, but she is AAC and has won the award.

  4. You're both correct.

    It was a mistake, but not a total inaccuracy. I knew Jessica had won a talent award, but in my haste I total forgot it was two years ago as Miss West Central Ohio. It's hard to believe she now has her third title; time has flown by!

    Thank you both for your comments.

    ~ Abby


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