Friday, October 24, 2008

Local Pageant News

I am pleased (and permitted) to announce the Miss Maumee Valley / All*American City / Fallen Timbers program has 19 Miss contestants and 9 Teens! Unless a teen flakes out, all 6 crowns will be given!

Does this mean the contestant crisis is over? Let's hope!


  1. Hey as long as Eric and Linda have the signed contracts they are good to go......I had six Outstanding Teen allowing me to give two titles, but I had a no-show, but since I had her contract....I still gave two. Congrats on getting the contestants......I know in my 20 yrs with the system I have never had a more difficult time in obtaining contestants then I did this past time.

    Greg Davis

  2. Greg is right... we only had 8 contestants at Miss Hill City/Star City but the way I understood it from the directors, even if one had a family emergency or something, if they had 8 contracts in hand and 8 people planned to compete, then two crowns would be given!

  3. And one more thing... this just makes me curious in general.

    Miss Roanoke Valley, a new open pageant in Virginia, gave away only one crown in September and attracted 12 contestants. Yet the two crown pageant Hill City/Star City (and as of yet, Virginia's last two crown pageant for the year) only managed to get 8 contestants, and some of that was because several of us girls competing literally begged girls to compete so that two ladies would have the chance to get to Miss Virginia. In fact, one girl signed up at the last minute so we'd have the 8 girls needed!

    From what I have heard from you all, the directors of Miss Maumee Valley are great and well-respected...and the same goes for Portsmouth/Scioto just blows my mind that ANY two crown or three crown pageant would have TROUBLE getting girls!

    It's two chances to win a title- you only raise $100 for CMN and for Maumee Valley, you have 3 opportunities to get a title and get to Miss Ohio! It just seems wise to compete there, especially if it was close to home!

    I've asked lots of girls who are just starting to compete in Virginia what motivates them- and from my informal poll it's a mix of scholarship offered, perceived support for Miss Virginia, and location to home.

    Well, here's another thing that's baffled me. Miss Apple Blossom Festival, a well known local in Virginia, is coming up November 8. I was signed up and when I was signed up there were only a handful of girls. Now mind you, last year's Miss Apple Blossom Festival walked away with $3,050 in scholarship dollars, wardrobe support, and dance lessons! Plus her director hosted the girl in her home during appearances and prep for Miss Virginia. The best part is that the Apple Blossom board puts girls up at host homes during pageant weekend- the host families feed you, too! So, here's an opportunity to win a local with great support, great scholarships, and they help out the contestants by keeping it cheap and yet they only had a few girls?! I guess my economics background is showing, because to me, that just doesn't make sense!

  4. Abby,
    When will you be permitted to post the contestant names?

  5. Glad to hear they're covered with the contracts.

    Yes, I'll be given the names to post the morning of the pageant, but understandably not before.

    - Abby

  6. Great Job, Linda, Eric and Greg! Wow! Sure wish I could get my pageant going! I am very sad that we haven't had the support. We have a gorgeous hall, photographer, all the "extras" but no scholarship support!!! Isn't that sad??? I even found that I could attach to an existing 501c3 (as a project of an existing non-profit) and still cannot get the funds! I have to get through some personal challenges then I will work on it more. Take care all!
    ~Nancy W.


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