Friday, October 31, 2008

Pageant Update in Photos: Including Three Weddings and a Funeral!

Above: After being the first Miss America's Outstanding Teen (back in 2005) Megan Miller has set her sights on Miss America! She won Miss Longview and will now compete at Miss Texas.
I know "everything is bigger in Texas," but good gawd, those flowers are just unnecessary!

Below: Ohio native Laura Pennington won her second title, Miss Hill City, in Virginia where she's a graduate student.

Above: Last week Evelyn Ay Sempier, Miss America 1954, deid. Click here for news articles. I just love the photo above! I wish ball gowns just weren't just for teen contestants now days.

Below: New Photos of National Titleholders

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza

Miss Teen USA Stevi Perry

Miss America Kirsten Haglund

Miss America's Outstanding Teen Taylor Fitch

Below: Miss Louisiana Teen USA Lindsey Evans was recently dethrowned, only ten days before giving up her title. Click here for articles; in short, aftern dining and dashing, weed was discovered in her purse.

Below: Three Weddings

Former Miss USA Chelsea Cooley was recently wed. Two of her bridesmaids were former Teen USAs Shelley Henning and Ali LaForse (who's from Ohio).

Above: Former Miss Marion Popcorn Mary (Krouse) Garrick.

Below: Bride Jodi (Green) Colby, a former Miss Central Ohio and former Miss Circlevill Heather (Strickland) Torres.


  1. Leslie Ondrey's wedding is tomorrow!

  2. Oh, that's right!

    I know it's a very small/private event, but hopefully she'll share a picture.


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