Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unofficial Results: Miss Ohio Valley

Word on the web...

Miss Ohio Valley: Kristen Haas

1st Runner-up: Krystle Formosa

Talent: Krystle Formosa
Swimsuit: Kristen Haas


  1. Hey Abby! I was at the pageant! your results are correct. Here are a few more awards.

    Enza Tsauris (the spelling of the last name is incorrect) -Jan Watson Memorial Scholarship

    Photogenic- Nicole Fortunato

    Eyes Have It award- Audery Porter

    I can't think of any others.


  2. Actually the names are spelled correctly on the boards. I am a class mate with these two ladies and have know them quite some time. it is def Audree Porter and Enza Tsouris. If you don't believe this the check facebook, i highly doubt they would spell their names incorrectly on there.


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