Friday, November 7, 2008

Miss MV/AAC/FT Contestant Photos - Part 3 of 3

*Updated Sat. Nov. 8 7:24 p.m. EST*

(in no particular order)

Miss Maumee Valley's Outstanding Teen
Emily Werling

Miss All*American City's Outstanding Teen
Sophie Carter

Miss Fallen Timber's Outstanding Teen
Sarah Eash

First Runner-up Veronica Wende

Allison Brunenmeister

Kelsey Barrett

Emily Lowe

Kristen Fenning


  1. Abby,

    Thanks Again for the pictures, Loren did a great job.


  2. You switched Veronica Wende and Emily Lowe in the talent pictures.

  3. Abby,

    By any chance did Loren get a picture of Sarah being crowned and if possible can I get one.
    Thanks Debbie

  4. veronica wende and emily lowe's talent pics are mixed up. great pictures though!

  5. Thanks for your help! I’ve made the correction and added the crowning shots.

    It took me forever trying to match some of the teen pictures and I really thought my mistake could have been Sarah and Veronica’s talents, I mean Emily, I mean the two blonde dancers!!!… I guess I was way off! Now that I see the two Veronica pictures together, the face does match, but I don’t think I even tried that combination because her hair looks blonde in one shot and brown in the other. Damn lighting…

    I’ll also confess, part of my thought process was that the talent outfit went more with a nonfinalist. :( Please don’t take that the wrong way; Veronica is obviously a great contestant, having been First Runner-up at two great pageants. Although I don’t know what she’s singing, my suggestion would be a cute little party dress instead of the casual look.


  6. Okay, now that I've looked again, it's Emily's hair that looks really dark in gown, but blond in talent. You all know what I mean... (I hope)!


    P.S. I assume you all know to click to enlarge the pictures, then right click to save them. I didn't mess with them at all; some of them could be made much better with color adjustment and simple cropping.


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