Sunday, November 23, 2008

Word on the Web...

...Is that Natasha Vivoda, Miss Trumbull County USA, won Miss Ohio USA! She is very sweet and last year was a runner-up.

Supposedly the following women were the finalists, but I don't know how they placed: Alexis Semach, Miss Delaware USA, Elizabethe Jesse, Miss Delhi USA, Kara Roberts, Miss Ohio Valley USA and Megan Wise, Miss Gallipolis USA.

**Update (4 a.m. EST): I was going to congratulate Kara on Facebook, but her status says she was not competing due to "unforeseen circumstance." So... I don't know if things changed after that status post, or if the finalists listed on the message board are incorrect.


  1. I believe the other runner up was Miss Ohio River


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