Saturday, November 15, 2008

Miss America Swimsuit Options

According to a poster on the unofficial Miss America message board, these are the STYLES the Miss States get to select from. Note, they can choose the cut and various trims, but all the suits will be black, just as they were last year.

Which do you think Karissa should pick?


  1. Left-hand side, third one down (shown in aqua)

  2. Right side, 3rd one down, black with silver

  3. I also hope that Karissa selects a suit that allows for trim. Last year two of the three preliminary swimsuit winners had gold trim; with her hair color, gold would be a great accent color for Karissa as well, or teal.

    Here are two links to view last years swimsuits:


  4. three from the left, three down, shown in green and black

  5. I would probably go with the first suit in black velvet. It's the same suit style we picked for Melanie Murphy to compete in. The rhinestone buckles on the halter and belt would contrast beautifully with the rich velvet and she could go for crossing the halter in the front like Mel did the year she won, since that would add great cleavage and help her stand out by changing the presentation without completely altering the style. The suit would still need to be altered and a better foundation built for the top, but the high cut leg style would show off Karissa's legs best, but I hope she finds a good self tanner because black will wash out her skin under those stage lights terribly. I'm not advocating that she go out and tan if that's not akin to what she preaches, but tanning products have come so far lately and you don't need to compromise your skin, or your beliefs, to look your best during competition. Whatever Karissa chooses, she's going to do great and have much support at home. That's what counts the most. :-)


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