Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pageant Pictures, Press and a Poll: Another So-called Scandal!

For several years, celebrity photographer Fadil Berisha has done high fashion photoshoots with the contestants of the Trump family of pageants, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe. He also shoots the winners throughout their year, turning out some of the most fantastic photos I've ever seen, but his photos have always pushed the envelope for some fans...

In 2007 people thought the wet look in the Miss Universe photos was too sexy. [Left, Brazil; right: USA's Rachel Smith.]

In 2008 I recall cyber gasps over the fish-net hosery.

[Right: former Miss Ohio USA,
Monica Day.]

And often fans do not approve of the sexuality with which the teen winners are portrayed! [Below left: Hilary Cruz, Teen USA 2007; right the reigning Teen USA, Stormi Henley.]

But this year... The Miss USA pageant is making headlines even before the onstage question, thanks to Berisha's pictures! The media is asking if the Victoria Secret / Playboy style photoshoot went too far for a pageant?

[Above: The reigning Miss Ohio USA, Amanda Tempela, as well as Kansas and California.] CLICK HERE to see all the controversial photos on one page, or they're in each contestants profile on the Miss USA website.

CLICK HERE for plenty of news stories on the pictures. I can't seem to get videos to embed at this time, but click the links below to watch them.

Here's a video from the photoshoot with commentary from Berisha and some contestants:

The Today show did a really great piece covering this issue, touching on the past and interviewing MUO President, Paula Shugart:

I don't think Shugart did as well trying to defend the shoot on The Early Show:

I tend to agree with many fans favorite former Miss USA, Shandi Fennessey, who by the way, also held a state title in the MAO system.

But what do YOU think?


Feel free to comment with your opinion of the pictures, or if you know why my blog won't let me embed videos or polls! :(

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