Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Pageant Tip #2


With only a month until Miss Ohio, I know right now contestants are going crazy trying to find the perfect earrings and making mad dashes to get alterations! But while you're out there searching the world for the perfect shade and highest heel, keep your eyes open for a little something to show appreciation for the people with whom you spend Miss Ohio week.

I hate to add to the bill for pageant week, but the reality is that a lot of gift giving happens in Mansfield, so I'm just trying to save new contestants that embarrassing empty-handed moment.

The tip is that contestants should have a little something for your hostess, chaperone and roommate; and parents and EDs should give their contestants some material encouragement too!

Hostesses & Chaperons

It is imperative to give both your hostess and chaperon a little something. These ladies are amazing! They open their homes, share their families and are literally your closest supporters all week. I was lucky that my parents helped me with my gifts and they were from all of us. New contestants should ask their roommate if they had the same ladies last year; if so, she might know what they like. Think about a gift that reflects you, your hometown, college, platform or talent. IE: David Carruth is nationally-known for his "Garden Smiles" pottery but his shop is in northwestern Ohio, near me, so that's what we gave one year. Candles are always a really safe bet or a gift card to a restaurant in Mansfield. Hostesses and chaperons, leave a comment and tell us what some of your favorite gifts have been!


This is easy, just grab something you'd want! A candle, new lip gloss, etc... The next time you buy yourself something cute and cheap, get two.

None of these gifts needs to be expensive. $5 a piece and a fun trinket from Pier One would suffice. I know time is a precious commodity but the point is to be as thoughtful as you have time to be right now!

EDs and Parents

These people also deserve a world of appreciation for what they do. But they understand what craziness Miss Ohio week is and the gift giving between ED and titleholder usually happens at the local pageant when you give up your crown.


And for the contestants...

If a contestant is lucky the people around her will do little things all week long to keep her spirits up. Some EDs give little gifts after each prelim. When I was a contestant I counted on the lotions and body washes to get me through fall semester! (Bath and Bodyworks is great because you can exchange scents without a receipt.) I think useful things are the best; to this day I still use the bathtub pillow and hair towel from my Lorain County crew! I was so lucky that my Mom is the queen of little notes and nicknacks! She would pack me a gift bag full of things labeled for each day of Miss Ohio week. No matter what stress or drama the day gave me, I knew there was something waiting to put a smile on my face each night! I can't emphasis enough that it doesn't have to cost much! It was stuff like cute note pads or toiletries or silly trinkets that I know came from Big Lots! :) The words of encouragement were what really mattered.

The families and friends of new contestants should realize that everything you give, must be packed up and taken home! I liked having fresh flowers in my room, but fans need to talk to each other and make sure the contestants bedroom doesn't turn into a funeral home, on top of the fact they're very hard to transport. Think small, but super supportive!

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  1. I agree with Abby on the less is more aspect of the gift giving. Even thought I never competed at Miss Ohio I do remember from my comepetition how neat it was to receive a gift.

    Another idea is to see if your platform organization will donate little pins for your sashes. I have pins from the American Red Cross, Breast Cancer awareness, Autism Speaks, etc. It gives a sense of who you are and what you stand for.

    Also try the Dollar Tree and create an inexpensive little basket with several different items in it. They usually work very well and there are some cool things that you can get.

    I hope that some of this helps. Good luck ladies!!


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