Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not-So-Live Blog: Miss USA 2010 Evening Gown Competition

Tennessee: The Rachel Smith clone is also in liquid beading. lol! Classic, but not amazing. 8.650

Maine: She's growing on me! She gives a Miss America vibe in her sophisticated black gown. 8.868

Mississippi: Not loving it. And if that's your gown, learn to pose in a way that doesn't wrinkle your skin! Seriously, that's swimsuit posing 101. 8.475

Alabama: Sorry, that look is DATED! 8.567

Michigan: Loren: "Now that's a gown!" I think he wants to marry her in it! *gasp!* She tripped, but I think the score was probably already in. 8.845

Oklahoma: It's too costumy for me, but so was Miss Universe's red feather duster gown! 9.188

Missouri: Loren: "That's so five years ago" Hahaha! Even he knows! 8.248

California: Loren: "And... she just lost!" It's also very outdated and seriously, there is NO reason for hooker platform heels that high. Ridiculous! 8.317

Virginia: She's pretty, but kind of boring. 8.675

Colorado: Ew! Good grief! Did these women get dressed in Joan Rivers Oscar closet from the 80s?! 9.313

We totally disagreed with the judges highest scores. Joan and Melissa just called California's dress "not pageanty." Um, apparently they don't watch pageants! I do love that Joan said Missouri "looks like she was dipped in Gatoraide." Hahaha! Yes!

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