Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not-So-Live Blog: Miss USA 2010 Judges On-stage Question

Oscar Nunez asked about Arizona's new immigration policy and if it should be a state or federal law. While Loren thinks she "tap danced down the middle" I think she actually answered the question and was well spoken.

Tara Conner asked if she believes insurance companies should cover birth control pills. Michigan says yes, it's just like any other drug. Loren immediately defended her saying, "it wasn't that bad." I think she'll fit right in at Miss Universe with her "Hi Mom" comment but I'm not so sure what an O.B.Gen is? lol! She's gorgeous but I think she's completely blown it with the way she speaks.

Johnny Weir asked if social networking sites should be regulated by the government. Cha - cha - choppppy! That was horrible!

Paula Deen asked if BP should be solely responsible for cleaning up and paying for the oil spill in the gulf. She sort of talked in circles but she's very charming and so darn cute!

Melania Trump asked how she felt about the sexy Fadil photoshoot the contestants participated in. I think that just sealed it! That question was a gimme as long as the contestant who got it supported the organization. I think she'll be the winner!

The on-stage question really does change your mind! Michigan was a huge disappointment while I take back my mean comments about Virginia and I think Maine has it in the bag!

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