Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not-So-Live Blog: Miss USA 2010 Swimsuit Competition

The comments are from Loren and I, but the numbers are the official scores given by the judges.

Arkansas: Hot! Love her, but she holds her mouth funny. 7.750
Kansas: Super cute. 8.158
Michigan: Loren is in love with her! She'd do great at Miss Universe. 8.325
Wyoming: Oh, no! She almost fell but look at those abs! 8.273
Pennsylvania: Fake smile. 8.160
California: She works it, but do her eyes look kind of dead? 8.545
Colorado: Loren doesn't dig her at all, but I do; she seems super sweet. I like that her hair is different. 9.183
Tennessee: It looks like they're trying to clone Rachel Smith... 8.965
Oklahoma: Look at they wind in her hair! Loren "booblicious" 9.098
Missouri: She seems feisty! Loren thinks she looks like Julia Louise Dreyfus. 8.440
Alabama: Very teen-ish and a little awkward. 8.457
Nebraska: Such a pretty face but Loren doesn't like them when they have the shape of a little boy! 8.093
Virginia: I'm sorry, but her hair looks trailer-trash to me. :o 8.733
Mississippi: Pretty face, but she looks confused with those doe-eyes. Loren: "Straight out of a college bar." 8.312
Maine: She looks a soap star, is it Allison Sweeney...? Loren: "We want someone to win Miss Universe, not beat her up." 9.242

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