Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss America 2011: Meet Teresa!

I'll be honest, I was disappointed that some of the more talented women were excluded from the top five and after the onstage questions I though the placement would go like this: Hawaii, Oklahoma and/or Washington, Nebraska and then Arkansas as Miss America. When it came to the final two Miss Arkansas looked more like the winner and my viewing party was a little underwhelmed with the crowning. I wasn't excited about and did not closely follow the reigns of either Miss America or Miss USA in 2010 and was sad that 2011 would be another lackluster year... However, my opinion was immediately changed as soon as I started watching Teresa Scanlan's post-pageant interviews!

She is warm, charming, well-spoken, intelligent and obviously wise beyond her years!

She is the middle of seven children from a small town in Nebraska. Her mother is a first generation citizen; her grandparents escaped communist Yugoslavia. Teresa began pageants when she was 13, but was always told she was "too mature" for the teen programs. As soon as she turned 17 she entered and won her first Miss local pageant, obviously she won her first time at Miss Nebraska, and now is the youngest Miss America (since the first pageant in 1921). She aspires to be a politician, has played the piano for 11 years and advocated eating disorder awareness. Does she have a boyfriend? "No. Seventeen year old boys... enough said!" Watch the press conference below to see the face she made to go along with this answer!

At this press conference each judge spoke briefly about the new Miss America. Dancer Tony Dovolani dipped her and said she is everything he wants his daughter to grow up to be like. Former Miss America Debbye Turner Bell's admission speaks volumes, "I remember asking her, 'convince me you're not too young to do this job' and I will tell you, by the time she finished answering that question, I was embarrassed for having asked it."

I think if you watch just a few moments of this press conference you will be impressed, or at the very least be surprised that she is only 17!

Teresa as Miss Nebraska:
Teresa at Miss America:
Tune into The View on ABC and FOX and Friends on cable Monday morning, January 17,
to see more of Teresa!


  1. Watch the video....listen to the judges....."You never get a second chance to make a first impression" the key is to leave them wanting to know more about who you are when you leave interview......I have always agreed that you have to have the WHOLE package but you can't win without personality and communication skills. LOVE her.....
    thx re great as always....Pam Rase

  2. Miss Nebraska was a beautiful young woman who is more than capable of holding the title as Miss America. She was able to show the nation how much talent Nebraska brings to the table. It makes this state happy to see a wonderful person obtain her dreams; while allowing her to help others find their own dreams and talents. This isn't a competition about race or nationality, therefore remarks about racial affinity have nothing to do with an individual being capable of fulfilling these duties.

  3. Hey Pam! Great to hear from you! :)

    Chris, I agree, she's going to do a great job this year! I only noted her Yugoslavian roots because I was summarizing some interesting points from the press conference.



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