Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miss America 2011: Press Junket

Foreign Press Interview

The Ad Council

The Wendy Williams Show
Miss America, Teresa Scanlan, was on the Wendy Williams Show Tuesday, January 18th. If you go to the show's WEBSITE you can currently watch the video, but it looks like it will probably disappear soon.

Opening the NASDAQ

The View
I can't find a code to embed the video, so CLICK HERE to watch it. Teresa joins the ladies at about the seventh minute.

FOX & Friends

FOX & Friends "After the Show"

This year Miss America got an impressive amount of national attention! Obviously The View and Joy Behar Show promoted the pageant since Joy was a judge. Miss America was also mentioned in SNL's Weekend Update, The Soup, The Chelsea Handler show, Jay Leno's monologue (boo!) and David Letterman did a Miss America Top 10 list and is has 1st Runner-up, Miss Arkansas, on his show tonight. Click here for a list of video links from Miss America week.

All the photos in this post were copied from Miss America's Facebook page.

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