Thursday, June 9, 2011

Abby's Miss USA Picks!

When it comes to Miss America pageants I'm the first person to scream that headshots don't tell a fraction of the story; platform, interview and talent mean so much more.  The fun and easy part about the Miss USA/Universe pageants are that photos do give you much of what you mean to know!  In fact, it seems the less I know about Miss USA contestants, the better my guesses and happier I am.  Case in point, I was fine with last years winner... until she opened her mouth!  And let's not forget Miss Like Such as Iraq Maps...     

Several of the women could be twins this year!  I hope some of my similar favorites don't cancel one another out.   

I love, love, love: 

California, Alyssa Campanella 
... 1st Runner-up to Miss Teen USA 2007 and working model!

Maryland, Allyn Rose

Georgia, Kaylin Reque 

Hawaii, Angela Byrd

Alaska, Jessica Chuckran

Arizona, Brittany Dawn Brannon 
... she reminds me of Miss Ohio USA 2008 Natasha Vivoda!

Indiana, Jillian Wunderlich 

North Carolina, Brittany Leigh York
... the Shakira look-alike!

I like: 

South Carolina, Courtney Hope Turner

Texas, Ana Christina Rodriguez 

Florida, Lissette Garcia  

Mississippi, Keeley Patterson

Tennessee, Ashley Elizabeth Durham

Colorado, Blair Adair Griffith
... the Rhianna look-alike!

On "the bubble:" 

Rhode Island, Kate McCaughey

Wyoming, Kaitlyn Davis

Washington, Angelina Kayyalaynen

New Hampshire, LacyJane Folger
... the comedian Heather McDonald look-alike!

Minnesota, Brittany Lee Thelemann
... the Katie Perry look-alike!

Iowa, Rebecca Goldsmith

Nevada, Sarah Chapman
... the actress Elizabeth Berkly look-alike! 

*Note, the gowns worn above are not necessarily 
their competition gowns. 

Who are your top picks?

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