Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss Ohio 2011: Prelim Night Two

Flight One (Buckeyes) - Swimsuit
Flight Two (Cardinals) - Talent
Flight Three (Carnations) - Gown & OSQ 

Emcees - Kelly Creager & Becky Minger

Preliminary Awards will be given for 
Swimsuit and Talent! 


Most of these photos were taken at the local they won by Ross Clark, with some exceptions. Jessica Nelson assumed a title, but this is one of her last locals.  Ellen Bryan is hard to track down in a swimsuit! There were no photos from her local, nor could I find last year at Miss Ohio; unfortunately this picture is from Miss Ohio 2009. Speaking of 2009, that year at Miss Ohio Heather Waterman won a Preliminary Swimsuit Award, but tonight I'm betting on Amber Bussa or Courtney Monk! 

Talent Selections:

9. Meggie Whittman -  Miss All*American City 
  vocal "At Last"

10. Jane Marie Covel - Miss Greater Butler County 
 ballet en pointe "I See the Light"

11. Ashley Warholic - Miss Mansfield 
 ballet en point "Walz from Coppelia"

12. Alyssa Phillips - Miss Ohio River 
 harp "Wind Beneath my Wings"

13. Alicia Huyghe - Miss Heart of Ohio 
tap dance "Hey Pachuco"

14. Alyssa Hanson - Miss Fallen Timbers 
 vocal "The Prayer"

15. Marisa Buchheit - Miss Greater Cleveland 
 opera "Quando m'en vo"

16. Elissa McCracken - Miss Lima Square Fair 
 piano "Cumina"

17. Jenna Fowls - Miss Mohican Valley 

 vocal "Somewhere" 

Last year Marisa Buchheit won a Talent Preliminary, although she's singing a different song, I won't be surprised if she does it again!

Who are your picks?

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