Friday, June 10, 2011

Searching for Secret Stiletto Agents!

Last year I was able to attend Miss Ohio while I was home visiting friends and family and was very grateful to be given media access. This year, I'll have guests visiting me in California the 16th to 18th. Hopefully I can squeeze in the webcasts and keep my sites updated as I play host and tour guide, but I'll need help!  If you'd like to be a secret informant email, message me on Facebook or if you're a big texter, I'll give you my digits (just know that I use my smartphone for everything, except talking!)  I know pageant week is busy, but if you're bored, I appreciate anything you can give me. 

The type of info can use: 

  • Contestant talent song selections
  • Opening & production number songs
  • Group pictures
  • Private Interview outfit pictures
  • Behind the scenes candids
  • Fashion trends (color and cut in gown, SS and Question) 
  • Pictures with and quotations from Lacy Russ
  • Unexpected / special formatting or show features
  • Birthdays celebrated during pageant week
  • Specific times or dates missing from my schedule
  • Great quotations from the press conferences
  • Fun pranks and jokes played at rehearsal
  • Links from papers other than the Mansfield News Journal
  • If you're tweeting, your username
  • Standouts at SS, Talent and gown rehearsal* 

I do NOT need: 

  • Gossip and speculation 
  • Backstage attitudes, drama, breakdowns or wardrobe malfunctions 
  • A thousand pictures of just YOUR contestant
  • Make-up-less candids in which the ladies don't look good
  • Complaints about the production or organization 
  • Anything the organization specifically said to keep secret!
  • Play-by-play of each minute of the pageant, causing the people in the around you to hate you and your phone!
* Obviously, I can use general information and group pictures more than raves and pictures just of your contestant.  If you'd like to send me your thoughts after dress rehearsals or competitions, I'd love to read them IF you keep it positive and give me multiple favorites. I will never post that "everyone says so-and-so looks awful."  However, if enough people agree that certain ladies are standing out, my readers and people like me who can't be there will really appreciate that sort of insight!  

Privacy Policy:

I always try to give professional photographers credit when I use their photos.  However information, reviews, candid photos, etc... sent to me this Miss Ohio week by local E.D.s, parents, friends and the like will be kept anonymous, unless you specifically tell me that you'd like to be a named correspondent.

The content of this blog is at my discretion.  I try to keep in positive and informative, riding a very fine line as I try to incorporate fun things, like polls.  I have proven to many people that not everything you tell me gets published; if you'd like to share something in confidence, simply request that and I will respect it. 


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