Monday, June 13, 2011

Miss Ohio 2011 Talent Selections... FINALLY!

This year the Miss Ohio contestants are bringing some fabulously diverse talents to the stage!  There is a violinist, harpist, pianist and banjo player; a tappers, 3 jazz dancers, 3 ballerinas and a bollywood dancer, leaving 14 vocalists, 4 of whom are singing classical selections.

Flight 1 - Buckeyes
Talent * Swimsuit * Gown & Question

 1. Heather Waterman - Miss North Central Ohio 
vocal "There You'll Be"

2. Jessica Nelson - Miss Cuyahoga County  
 jazz dance  "Born This Way"

3. Courtney Monk - Miss Northwestern Ohio 
 vocal "Astonishing"

4. Chelsi Howman - Miss North Coast 
 banjo "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

5. Amber Bussa - Miss Maple City 
 broadway vocal "Roxie"

6. Shannon O'Neill - Miss Crystal Lake 
 vocal "Blue Skies"

7. Alyssa Waldman - Miss Willard 
 opera "Mein Herr Marquis"

8.  Ellen Bryan - Miss Clayand 
 vocal "Circle of Life"

Flight 2 - Cardinals
Gown & Question * Talent * Swimsuit

9. Meggie Whittman -  Miss All*American City 
  vocal "At Last"

10. Jane Marie Covel - Miss Greater Butler County 
 ballet en pointe "I See the Light"

11. Ashley Warholic - Miss Mansfield 
 ballet en point "Walz from Coppelia"

12. Alyssa Phillips - Miss Ohio River 
 harp "Wind Beneath my Wings"

13. Alicia Huyghe - Miss Heart of Ohio 
tap dance "Hey Pachuco"

14. Alyssa Hanson - Miss Fallen Timbers 
 vocal "The Prayer"

15. Marisa Buchheit - Miss Greater Cleveland 
 opera "Quando m'en vo"

16. Elissa McCracken - Miss Lima Square Fair 
 piano "Cumina"

17. Jenna Fowls - Miss Mohican Valley 
 vocal "Somewhere"

Flight 3 - Carnations 
Swimsuit * Gown & Question * Talent 

18. Miss Buckeye State - Ashley Bowman -
vocal "The World Above"

19. Miss Central Ohio - Sarah Hider 
 vocal  "I Told You So"

20. Allison Goodwin - Miss Vacationland 
 jazz dance "Sparkling Diamonds"

21. Kylie Johnson - Miss Muskingum Valley 
 violin "Orange Minuet"

22. Alyssa Brumbaugh - Miss Miami Valley 
 vocal "Nella Fantasia"

23. Heather Wells - Miss Maumee Valley 
 jazz dance "Baby, I'm a Star"

24. Cayla Hellwarth - Miss West Central Ohio 
 vocal "Gira Con Me"

25. Devon Stansbury - Miss Lake Festival 
 ballet en pointe "Home to Me"

26. Pryia Sharma - Miss Huron County 
 bollywood dance "Aaja Nachle"

Interestingly, of the 13 contestants who competed last year, 10 of them changed their talent songs!  Last years selections were as follows:

Shannon O'Neill - "As if we never said goodbye"
Sarah Hider - "You Took Advantage of Me"
Courtney Monk - "Good Morning Baltimore"
Marisa Buchheit - "O mio babbino caro"
Alyssa Waldman - "Someone Like You"
Heather Wells - "We're Gonna Party"
Ellen Bryan - "Journey to the Past"
Devon Stansbury - "Free Fallen'" 
Heather Waterman - "I Believe"
Meggie Wittman - "Faraway"

I love that Amber Bussa is sticking with "Roxie;" Cayla Hellwarth kept "Gira con me" and Ashley Warholic is still dancing to "Waltz from Coppelia."

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