Friday, June 17, 2011

Miss Ohio 2011: Prelim Night Two Photos!

Preliminary winners Jenna Fowls and Amber Bussa!

Photo Links: 

*These two sites were not yet been updated at the time this post was published.  We understand Timothy, John and Bryce are working on limited sleep and big hearts!

Swimsuit winner, Amber Bussa

Miss Maple City, Amber Bussa
Talent winner, Jenna Fowls
singing "Somewhere"

Miss Mohican Valley, Jenna Fowls

I am hosting guests and thus was not able to watch the webcast; my opinions are limited to photographs.  
I thought several evening and talent gowns illustrated that these ladies are seriously stepping up to the plate, in terms of their wardrobes at least! 

Miss Muskingum Valley,
Kylie Johnson
Miss Miami Valley,
Alissa Brumbaugh
Miss Vacationland,
Allison Goodwin

Miss Lima Square Fair,
Elissa McCracken
Miss Greater Cleveland,
Marisa Buchheit

The photos above are by Jason J. Molyet/News Journal.


Had I been able to watch the webcast, I'm pretty sure this would have been my absolute favorite moment! (Sorry contestants.)

It's Mike Minger, Miss Ohio's Dad and her long time E.D., Eric Wagener.  They appear to be parodying "Sisters," which Becky and her sister Leslie sing.  Obviously Mike and Eric are worthy Lifestyle & Fitness and Talent winners!  :)

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