Monday, January 15, 2007

My Take on the CMT Miss America Contestant's Videos

It’s taken me a while, but in my spare time I’ve watched all 52 Miss America contestant videos on CMT's website. I didn’t really give myself a “judging criteria,” but based on my instincts, I either jotted the state name down, or I didn’t….

Two women stood out to me among these short interviews, because I felt they were well educated, well spoken and, I especially loved their politics! They are Miss Pennsylvania, Emily Wills and Miss Rhode Island, Allison Rogers.

The rest of the women who made my list for being particularly well spoken and/or charismatic are:

Miss Alabama, Melinada Toole
Miss California, Jacquelynne Fountaine
Miss Connecticut, Alice Voight
Miss Delaware, Jamie Ginn
Miss Indiana, Betsy Uschkrat
Miss Missouri, Sarah French
Miss Nebraska, Molly McGrath
Miss Nevada, Caydi Cole
Miss New York, Bethlene Pancoast
Miss Ohio, Melanie Murphy
Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Nelson
Miss South Dakota, Callee Bauman
Miss Tennessee, Blaire Pancake
Miss Texas, Shilah Phillips
Miss Virginia, Adrianna Sgarlata
Miss West Virginia, Tiffany Laurence

As I watched the interviews, I did not restrict my list to a certain number. If I have time before the pageant, I'll likely do more research, take all phases of competition into consideration and post a "Top 10 prediction" list. This is something I've always done, but never posted on my other two blogs...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the contestant's videos, so leave a comment!


  1. Abby!

    Having 5 hours on my hands here at work, the internet just screams my name! I did the same thing this past Saturday. You and I have about 7 or 8 of the same with your "top 16"! Of course with Melanie on the list, here's my "top 14":

    New Hampshire
    West Virginia

    I have the best story about Miss WV, Tiffany. As you know Amanda Rase (now DeHart) competed in the Miss WV USA pageant last year. I went to be in her "entourage", and as we were taking her stuff to her room Tiffany (reigning Miss WV), was waiting at the elevator as well. Tiffany stuck out her hand (to me) & said "Hi. How are you? I'm Tiffany, what's your name?" I said "I'm not competing, she is." As I pointed to Amanda! It was so funny. I was in my sweats & tshirt, how in the world could she have thought I was competing? She's just a nice girl that's all. Anywho, she & Amanda got closer that weekend and we were all able to "chat"! Good story, huh?!

    Hope you're well!


  2. Thanks for the list Roberta! I think we have some pretty good picks, and I love the Miss West Virginia story. She sounds really nice... Oh, and when did Amanda get married?! Congrats to her!

    Great to hear from you and I hope all is well.


  3. I love your blog, Abby! I haven't had time to watch each of the contestant videos, but I adored Melanie's! Her confidence was wonderful and she looked fabulous as always! I was also really impressed by Miss Rhode Island... have you seen her resume? It's pretty amazing! Hope you're doing well :)


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