Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Loren Makes His National Photography Debut!

Yesterday on the Miss Ohio message board, a post read “Becky's Miss NWO crowning now on TFTJ page!” Translation: Becky Minger, Miss Northwestern Ohio, is featured in a photograph on the homepage of Turn For The Judges, an unofficial, yet nationally very popular pageant website.

So, like a good little pageant enthusiast, I went to TFTJ and found something very familiar. Who took this fabulous photograph? None other than my amazing beau, Loren Anderson.

The TFTJ homepage usually features three or four photos capturing pageant moments; a different photo appears each time the page is refreshed. I would guess each image stays on the page about a month or so. I’m not sure who submitted Loren’s photo, but I’m excited to see an Ohio woman represented on the page. Also, I’m glad what I share on Webshots is being taken advantage of!

Congratulations to Loren, and best of luck as Becky continues preparing for Miss Ohio.

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