Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In My Absence

Abby is currently in Montreal Canada coaching the BGSU Forensics team to what we hope to be their 6th National Championship at CFA. She had planned to send this post from Canada herself but was unable to get internet access and as a result, she asked me to share the following links to many of the Miss America contestants' blogs from the competition in Las Vegas.
Had Abby done this herself, she would've renamed each of the links so you would know whose they were. I am not as versed in the blogging world so I can only give you the links themselves.

So here they are:

I hope this gives all of Abby's readers some insight to how all of these amazing women are dealing with and preparing for what I am sure will be a very close competiton. Abby will return on Monday to continue with further updates.

Till next time...


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