Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Breaking Pageant News- Mario Lopez to host the 2007 Miss America Pageant

How ironic- as I sit here enjoying the fact that my new 10 week old puppy is sleeping, sipping my coffee and watching the America’s Next Top Model Mega Marathon, I decided to finally blog about rumors that A.C. Slater, I mean, Mario Lopez, is hosting Miss America. These speculations have been swirling around the internet for a few weeks; and as I googled for the gossip column articles, what did I find? Official press confirming the rumors, published less than an hour ago!

So it’s true; Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell, The Other Half, Nip/Tuck and Dancing with the Stars will host the January 29th pageant in Las Vegas.

CLICK HERE for the official Miss America press release.
CLICK HERE for multiple other articles.

I’ll admit it, Saved by the Bell was an important part of my adolescent Saturday mornings, and while I was more of a “Zack girl,” Slater was also an undeniable crush. But being a cute guy does not a good host make… (says the speech coach…)

So, I’ve turned to my new good friend, YouTube, to find some clips of Mario out of character and off the dance floor. Mario is not without pageant experience; he was briefly married to former Miss USA, Allie Landry, and he hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant in 2003.
CLICK HERE for multiple videos from that pageant. Other than sarcastically telling the winner, “You’re a princess,” I thought he did well; better than James Denton, who hosted Miss America last year.

Of course, The Other Half was Dick Clark’s response to Barbra Walter’s The View, on which Mario was a host, but there were no good videos of this short-lived show. My thought is that Mario is certainly charismatic enough and he seems to have some experience, so hopefully he’ll do a great job as the host of Miss America 2007... Certainly better than the other rumored host- Dr. Phil!

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  1. Weird - I was thinking about leaving you a comment asking who the host was going to be...and I was more of a Zack girl as well - although I always had a soft spot for Screech :)

  2. Well said, Abby. Mario will be a much better host than James Denton who seemed completely out of place on the Miss America stage last year. Being good eye candy does not help what comes out of your mouth. I'm very excited for Mario...he's a latin hunk... but I have to say who wasn't a Zack girl. My heart will always have a place for all members of Zack Attack!

  3. Hey, Abby! I must admit that I was more of an A.C. girl. Zack was cute for a blonde, but I am a sucker for a brown/black haired man! And Screech...OH MY!
    Anyhow, I think Mario will be a great host! He is definately great-looking and I think he has much more spark than Denton. I hate to say it but he was a "Dud"!

  4. Thanks for your comments, ladies! Not that I want my blog to be a message board, but it’s much more fun when I get some feedback! :)


  5. Nice to know that I am not the only one watching the America's Next Top Model Mega Marathon!! The channel has not changed for a solid week!!

    And as for Mario Lopez.... YUM!!! I cannot wait to see him on the Miss America telecast.

  6. LOL!!! I don’t know what it is about ANTM, but even the seasons I watched religiously, I can watch over and over again! I think it’s not only fun to watch the first few episodes, with all the girls you forgot about; it’s also a good lesson in the dos and don’t of making a good first impression in acting auditions, pageants and modeling. All pageant contestants, regardless of system or personal preference to the show probably should have been watching!

    I’m so sad it’s almost over…lol!



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