Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Miss America Press

Oklahoman wins Miss America Crown and Oklahoma scores second Miss America in a row from USA Today
"The last state to win back-to-back titles was Mississippi, when Mary Ann Mobley crowned Lynda Mead as Miss America in 1960."

"Lauren Nelson was crowned Miss America 2007 in Las Vegas on Monday, with pageant organisers vowing she would lead a clean life after a string of scandals in recent months about misbehaving beauty queens."

New Miss America gears up for spotlight after winning crown from the Las Vegas Sun Times

"The morning after her big win, Miss America Lauren Nelson said she felt different the moment she woke up. "I looked over on my bedside table and I had the Miss America crown sitting next to me," Nelson told The Associated Press on Tuesday. But in case anyone is wondering, she added, "I didn't actually sleep with it on."

Miss America Crowned from sky.com

"In the interview portion of the show, when asked how to close the salary gap between men and women, Miss Oklahoma said:"I think by being a good role model, by being a Miss America that shows that women are strong and that they can succeed in our society. I think by being a good role model, we can change that."

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