Saturday, February 3, 2007

Best of Luck to the Miss Maple City pageant!

The Miss Maple City Pageant will take place in Norwalk Ohio at the Main Street School.
CLICK HERE for more information.
[Photo on the left from Erin's Facebook.]

Best of luck to all!

The beautiful Erin Jeffery will be crowning one on sixteen contestants. Erin has competed at Miss Ohio three times and at Miss Ohio USA twice, placing in the Top 5 at the later. She is a vocalist studying Communications at the University of Cincinnati, and in exciting personal news, she got engaged to her longtime boyfriend the same day as Miss West Central Ohio this fall. [Right: Erin, Kyrsten Chambers and I after Miss WCO.]
Check out Erin’s platform website, inspired by her dad’s military service: Operation We Remember.

The contestants are as follows:

1. Rachel Maris
2. Jackie Adams
3. Janelle Zindroski
4. Jillian Dansko
5. Amy Allen
6. Jami Kinton
7. Amanda Culp
8. Kristen Liguori
Ashley Hartman
10. Brooke Waddles
11. Heater Waterman
12. Katie Camp
13. Jennifer Nageotte
14. Angela Fungovits
15. Alyssa Speicher
16. Roberta Camp

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