Thursday, February 8, 2007

Forensics Press: Forensics team works to win it all

Forensics team works to win it all

By Amy Utendorf of the BGNews
Thursday February 8, 2007

They have already won nearly 200 awards. They defended the Collegiate Forensics Association national title for the sixth year in a row. They've won 14 awards as a team, and they are not done yet.... Most join for the experience, which can benefit many majors such as marketing, teaching and law. Others join to get over their fear of public speaking....

The team describes a tournament as being like a track meet. Each member participates in five of 12 events. Some have one speech they carry through the entire season. Others such as debate, change from tournament to tournament.

The past two faces of Fox News have been members. Leah D'Emilio is now moving on to Los Angeles television. Abby Bollenbacher has moved on to the Washington Speaker's Bureau. Shelly Nickson is now in five shows in Chicago.

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While it's Jason Lynch, not me, working for the Washington Speakers Bureau, at least we finally got an article...

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