Friday, February 9, 2007

Forensics Photos: CFA and Novice States

The coaching staff who traveled to CFA Nationals in Montreal.
[L-R: Jeff, Paul, me, Anna and Tony]

The team, out and about, in freezing cold Montreal!
[L-R: Amanda, Mike, J*Cole, Lew, Michelle, me, Anna, Kenny and Kayla]

Here I am judging at the Novice State Tournament, hosted by BGSU… probably writing something mean!

Our Novice team last weekend after the State Tournament.
[Standing L-R: Mike, Alex, MJ, Greg and Paul;
kneeling L-R: Amanda, Allie and Kayla]

BG Alumni who judged the Novice State Tournament.
[L-R: me, Kent, Anna and Cynthia]

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