Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random thoughts on a Sunday night...

First, family is the best! I'm so happy that my parents and niece drove up to visit Loren and I today... but I'm not fooled... they just wanted to see how much the puppy has grown!

Second, in a stroke of luck we caught a Miss America rerun on CMT (the folks don't have cable and couldn't come up and watch it live with me this year, as they both had to work the next morning). Like me, they loved Miss Mississippi from the beginning and my mom was in shock when she didn't make the Top 3. However, my parents felt our new Miss America, Lauren Nelson was the second best of an overall weak Top 10.

Third, in contests of other types, I was extremely elated and disappointed in a matter of moments (I'm a channel flipper!). I was overjoyed when the Grammy's awarded the talent and politics of the Dixie Chicks, as the amazing song "Not Ready to Make Nice" won Best Song of the Year. (And yay, they just won Record of the Year as I type... although they need to enroll in acceptance speech 101.) Sadly, on Beauty and the Geek, (a show which encourages “geeks” to develop self confidence and “beauties” to become less shallow and rely on more than just their looks), the most self-absorbed annoying female contestant, Cecile, has advanced to the final episode. I have no doubt such reality shows are manipulated by producers, so I’m sure she won’t win, as to not disprove the learning aspect of the show; nonetheless, it’s always frustrating to watch such people succeed.


  1. I spent most of my night flipping between "Grease", "The Apprentice", and The Grammys. I was VERY happy to see politics be put aside and the Dixie Chicks rewarded for the amazing music that is on that album!


  2. Your niece looks like a mini-Abby!


  3. Oh gosh, she certainly is a "mini-Abby"! She looks and acts so much like Abby did when she was little. So Cute!!! ;)


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