Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blog Therapy

Miss Ohio 1992 Renee Brown published a blog for a while. Upon recently shutting it down she mentioned it was largely therapeutic for her. How true! When I’m stressed, and should be doing more productive things, is often when I blog. Looking at my webcounter rise certainly helps the self-esteem as well! Where did I read Renee’s blog epitaph? On an anonymous pageant message board. A place where, as I have mentioned before, the nastiest of the nasty comments have come out. But never are they this bad:

I just want to let you know that the little skit u do for ARBYS..SUCKS..for one do you think ur black pants could be any looks like someone had painted them on you..and your Wairing blue eye shadow..and red lip stick..can you say 1970..and the belt..yuck..and lets not forget the red blush..i have no idea.Who dose your make up or picks your cloths..but they need help BAD..its funny when were all sittin down at a place for dinner..and the servers..and coustmers..always have something to say about you and your so call fashion..we though leah was bad.but you cut the cake..IM just being honest with you..ohh and lets not forget the blue shrit...HAHAHA...tacky. ABBY..learn how to pick the right colors..and cloths..and with you skin tone. u need to wair light earth tones..not BLUE.AND RED..that makes u look like a hooker..but what can i say..YOUR working for foxtoledo.and half the people there could use help..i know im proubly the only one saying anything about this and u have not receved, any emails.thats because i guess im the only one who has the balls to say..YOU SUCK..and you really need a fashion lesson ..cant wait to see what the people of fox toledo pick for next year..seeing that the last 2 people were homely or just dont know style from a whole n the ground..]

I received the above at my FOX email. Though I’ve felt the rejection of pageants and theatre for years, and clearly this person is an idiot (me in earth tones? hahaha!) but this still stings. I know I should not respond to him, but while I mull over it, it’s therapeutic just to post it here!


  1. Let's see a pic of him/her so we can sit and play judge! This person cannot spell or type or create correct sentences so I say to him/her..."Whatever!" and "Get a life!" Anyway, your skin/hair tones are "Winter" like mine and we all know that reds, blues, hot pinks, etc. look best on us. I am just thinking that this is someone you and Leah beat out of this competition at Fox Toledo and he/she needs to "Get over it already!" ;)

  2. I agree, lets see a picture Bry. While I would normally say it is good for someone to have confidence in what they believe and all that jazz, in this case I think 'bry' needs to get a clue. He talks about a push towards earth tones, and allow me to mock him as I say "hellllooo, so last season". His argument against the separate color eye shadow and lip stick; First lesson. eye shadow serves two purposes and only two. the first being to bring out your eyes, the second to compliment your outfit. Nothing in there about the idea of matching the lips, that is retarded. So, Bry, from that alone I can tell you have no idea what you are talking about and I encorage you, on behalf of humanity, to stop talking and shutup.
    ~Someone with a clue and a life.

  3. Abby, I have known you for years and have never thought you dressed wrong. You have always been a class act. Don't let this person bring you down. We love you and think you are great. Don't change a thing. This person is just jealous of you.
    Jenny J.

  4. Well this person is obviously not a spelling champion, thats for sure. Often when people are in the spotlight they are the target of annonymous unwarranted feedback by individuals who have an issue with most people and they deceide to take it out on whomever they can.

    Continue as you are if that is who you are.

    Best of Luck.

  5. Thank you so much Nancy, a Forensics teammate, Jenny and anonymous,

    I know it’s stupid to let things like this get to you… but we all do… so thank you so much for your kind, logical words which mad me feel so much better! :) You’re all wonderful!


  6. I just checked in on your blog today after several months and this post really hit home with me!

    Just so you know (and I'm sure you already do) this happens to all local TV personalities.

    I am constantly amazed at the emails people send to me and my co-workers. The other day I got one complaining that I've been pregnant too long! As if I have any control over the length of human gestation!

    You are so right about pageantry preparing you for this kind of stuff. Nothing anyone ever said or did to me during my years competing comes close to what I've dealt with working in TV news; and believe me, I got a few doosies during my Miss Ohio days!

    Best of luck to you with the TV stuff...its a wild ride!

    PS...A few of my former co-workers now work at stations in the Toledo market. Do you happen to know James Canterbury, Anna Kooiman, or Ken Watlington?


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