Sunday, March 18, 2007

Miss Central Ohio Photos!

My apologies! I was with limited internet last week while judging a National Forensics tournament and when blogging gets “out of my system” it’s slow to come back… As a result, the Miss Central Ohio pageant did not get the attention I usually give to locals. Allow me to atone for that…

Last Saturday Jodi Green gave up her title, Miss Central Ohio. Jodi holds degrees from Ohio State and Mt. Vernon Nazarene Universities in Early Childhood Education. She worked extremely hard to make it to Miss Ohio, for which she advocated "Together We Can Save a Life" - The Importance of Blood Donation. Jodi is a singer who has unfortunately aged-out.
On Saturday Jodi crowned Kasey Wilson the new Miss Central Ohio. In a fun twist, I’m pretty sure they were roommates at Miss Ohio! [Above: Jodi and Kasey at Miss Ohio; photo from Jodi's Facebook account.]

This is Kasey’s third crown, having made the Top 10 the past two years as Miss Licking County and Miss Clayland; she was also in the Top 15 in September at Miss Ohio USA. Kasey is a classical vocalist studying Voice and Theatre at Ohio State. Her pageant platform is MADD- Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. She pretty much swept the Miss Central Ohio pageant winning the Outstanding Interview, Talent and Evening Gown awards.

[The above photo of Kasey is a Miss Central Ohio tradition; below left to right: Miss Ohio Melanie Murphy, 1st RU Katie Camp, Miss Central Ohio '07 Kasey Wilson, 2nd RU Jenna Wilson, 3rd RU Megan Wombacker and Miss Central '06 Jodi Green]

The very determined Katie Camp was named First Runner-up and also won Swimsuit. [Though blurry, I love the reaction shot on the left, copied from Katie’s Facebook.] Katie studies Dance at Wright State University; she performed a tap routine to “Sandman.” Katie’s platform is Promoting the Arts.

The amazing Jenna Wilson was named Second Runner-up; granted, I’m biased! Jenna and I were roommates at Miss Ohio this past year as she represented Miss Southeastern Ohio. She is a Music major at Ohio University and she is a vocalist who works tirelessly with the March of Dimes.
CLICK HERE to learn more about Jenna. [On the right, Jenna and I after she won Miss SEO.]

Megan Wombacker was named Third Runner-up. Originally from Pennsylvania, she is a dancer studying Accounting and Marketing at Kent State University. Megan's platform is "Eye Care, You Care, We Care;" CLICK HERE for her website. [On the left she poses after the pageant with Miss Ohio 2005 Marlia Fontaine.]

The very deserving
Amy Allen was given the Spirit Award. She is vocalist pursuing her Master in Business at Mt. Vernon Nazeren. For her platform Amy works with Habitat for Humanity. [On the right, Amy and Miss Ohio 2006 Melanie Murphy.]

Below are some more great pictures I found on Facebook, where a lot of photo "sharing" goes on. I snagged these from Jodi Green, Amy Allen, Brandi Herceg, Katie Camp and Courtney Wallace, but I can't be sure from whom they originated. If it matters to you, leave a comment to give photo credit and CLICK TO ENLARGE EACH.

[Above left: the contestants pose with Jodi and Melanie; Right: Jodi crowns Kasey.]

[Above Left: Melanie, Kasey and Jodi with the Wise's; Right: Alyssa Hanson and Brandi Herceg.]

[Above Left: Kristen Liquori and Jackie Adams; Above right: Wow! Carissa Cook, former Miss Ohio Valley, looking fabulous in a new gown!]

[Above Left: Katie Camp, Heather Lindsay, Courtney Wallace, Alyssa Hanson, Brandi Herceg and Kristen Liguori; Right: Jackie Adams, Amy Allen, Krystle Formosa, Carissa Cook, Kasey Wilson and Megan Wombacker.]

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