Friday, March 23, 2007

Congratulations to the New Miss USA, Miss Tennessee!

Tennessee was knocked out of the NCAA Championship last night, but they’re at the top of their pageant game tonight! I am elated with the crowing of Rachel Smith as the new Miss USA! She is gorgeous, exudes personality and was incredibly articulate and accomplished, having volunteered at Oprah's new leadership school for girls in South Africa!

Miss USA: Miss Tennesse, Rachel Smith
First Runner-up: Miss Rhode Island, Danielle Lacourse
Second Runner-up: Miss Kansas, Cara Renee Gorges
Third Runner-up: Miss California, Meagan Yvonne Tandy

Fourth Runner- up: Miss Nevada, Helen Salas

The Top 15: Miss Virginia, Miss Rhode Island, Miss South Carolina, Miss Utah, Miss Hawaii, Miss Texas, Miss Kansas, Miss Missouri, Miss California, Miss Nevada, Miss Michigan, Miss Louisiana, Miss North Carolina, Miss Tennessee and Miss Wisconsin

Miss Congeniality was awarded to Stephanie Ann Trudeau, Miss Montana. [Above left.] Viewers selected Rebecca Moore, Miss Alabama as Miss Photogenic. [Above right.]

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