Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Miss Ohio News!

Each year everyone wonders whether or not a “sweeps” or “sweetheart” pageant will be held. Today it was announced that the answer is yes!

The pageant will be held on Sunday, April 15 at the Broadway Street Theatre in Medina at 5 p.m. Only contestants who have previously competed in a local pageant this season are eligible; the application deadline is April 3.

The Miss Ohio website states that two crowns will be given out, but only one title, Miss Buckeye State, is currently listed. Perhaps the other will be Miss Medina.? Last year Miss Buckeye State Allie Krucek [above right] and Miss Circleville Heather Strickland [above left] won this pageant. [Photos above from Courtney Wallace’s Facebook album.]

The first twenty applicants to submit their Contestant Application, 06/07 Local Contestant Contract, Resume per MAO guidelines, Platform Sheet per MAO guidelines, 2 talent CDs and 1 4 x 6 headshot to MOSP SWEEPS Program P.O. Box 1818 Mansfield, Ohio 44901 will be accepted.

Notably, in recent years, the winners of this “last-chance” pageant have done very well at Miss Ohio. In 2002 Tiffany Haas won Miss Ohio as Miss Heart of it All. The Miss Buckeye state title has done especially well; in 2006 Allie Krucek was named Second Runner-up, in 2005 and 2004 Melanie Murphy and Jillian Dansko made the Top 10, respectively, all as Miss Buckeye State.

“Sweeps” is a term reserved for the very last pageant of the season. It is often limited to only women who have placed at previous pageants. Nationally, the "Sweetheart Pageant" refers to a program held by the Hoopeston, Illinois Jaycees, exclusively for the runner-up to the state crowns. While the national Sweetheart pageant does not lead to anything, it offers invaluable experience; about two-thirds of the states participate and Sweetheart contestants often go on to win their state crown and do very well at Miss America. A recent example is Amanda Beagle who placed in the Top 10 at the national Sweetheart pageant and became Miss Ohio 2004 the following year.

According to my records, the following women are eligible this year for Ohio's Sweeps pageant, as listed by the locals they competed in:

Miss Lake Festival
Beth Giere, Sarah Stalder, Lisa Canary, Jessica Bettinger, Tina Hogan,Heather Waterman, Katie Westgerdes, Jessica Rosengarten, Alicia Sneddon, Jodi Moorman, Bridgette Hart, Kaela Gardner, Gwen Scott

Miss Greater Cleveland
Suzanne Bures, Allison Bencar, Ashley Hartman, Catherine Hauser, Ashley Brown, Amy Allen, Allison Sundstrum, Janelle Zindroski, Dana Raponi, Brianna Savoca, Laura Pennington, Jennifer Nageotta, Krystle Formosa, Monica Porostosky

Miss Ohio Valley
Tacy Kirk, Brandi Herceg, Jessica Rush, Sarah Mayher, Kelsey Hitchcock, Aubrey Bodo, Amy Colantoni, Ashley Pesta

Miss West Central Ohio
Amanda Sampson, Kristy Moneysmith, Marisa Minor, Jenelle Fleagle, Ashley Rodabaugh, Grace Caudill, Joy Fleagle, Candace Bryan, Kelly Haeh

Miss North Coast
Janelle Zindroski, Amy Allen, Jennifer Nageotte, Heather Strickland, Allison Bencar, Nicole Buszinski, Ashley Brown, Ashley Hartman, Katie Camp, Jaclyn Hodos, Rachel Maris

Miss Miami Valley
Amee Everman, Ashley Brown, Samantha Maxwell, Amy Allen, Mellissa Marksberry, Ashley Hartman, Nicole Budzinski, Allison Bencar

Miss Clayland
Brittany Zion, Rose Kovach, Brianna Savoca, Katie Camp, Allison Bencar, Brandi Herceg, Amanda Hahn, Amy Allen, Ashley Hartman, Kara Neike

Miss Mansfield
Alyssa Speicher, Amy Allen, Ashley Hartman, Amanda Hahn, Katie Camp

Miss Maumee Valley/Miss All*American City
Alyssa Speicher, Brandi Herceg, Amy Allen, Rachel Maris, Janelle Zindroski, Heather Waterman, Mellissa Marksberry, Jamie Burns, Brianna Savoca

Miss Northwestern Ohio
Mellissa Marksberry, Abigail Goldsmith, Brandy Willoughby, Heather Waterman, Tiffany Westfall, Samantha Pixler, Janelle Zindroski, Hanna Hauman, Rachel Maris, Danielle Bash, Jamie Burns, Cassandra Fruchey

Miss Lake Erie
Alyssa Spiecher, Amy Allen, Megan Wombacker, Brianna Savoca, Katie Camp, Angela Speece, Krystle Formosa, Brandi Herceg, Ashley Hartman

Miss Portsmouth/ Miss Scioto Valley
Ashley Hartman, Cassie Ann Rice, Mellissa Marksberry, Elizabeth Ann Miller, Katie Camp, Amy Allen, Ashley Brown, Holly Sue Harris, Morgan Brooke Allard, Nicole Reidel

Miss Maple City
Rachel Maris, Jackie Adams, Janelle Zindroski, Amy Allen, Jami Kinton, Amanda Culp, Kristen Liguori, Ashley Hartman, Brooke Waddles, Heater Waterman, Katie Camp, Jennifer Nageotte, Angela Fungovits, Alyssa Speicher

Miss Stark County
Amanda Culp, Ashley Hartman, Rachel Maris, Kimberly Cicerchi, Amy Allen, Noelle Lelakus, Krystle Formosa, Jami Kinton, Lauren Shatlock, Alyssa Speicher, Jennifer Nageotte

Miss Greater Dayton
Kristen Liguori, Dashae Johnson, Heather Lindsay, Alyssa Hanson, Katie Camp, Amy Allen, Amanda Culp, Heather Wells, Kyrsten Chambers

Miss Central
Kristen Liguori, Brandi Herceg, Alyssa Hanson, Courtney Wallace, Heather Lindsay, Katie Camp, Jenna Wilson, Jacquelyn Adams, Amy Allen, Krystle Formosa, Carissa Cook, Megan Wombacker

Miss Hamilton- will take place March 31.


  1. This is a great post, Abby. It must have taken you some time to put the list of contestants together.

  2. Hey Amy, thanks!

    It actually didn't take me that long, thankfully. :) It was pretty easy to scroll back through my blog and copy and paste, then edit the lists from each pageant.

    I assume you'll be competing in sweeps, so GOOD LUCK! Amy, you deserve one of those last two crowns! You're a total package with a great attitude; I hope the right set of judges finally reward it!


  3. Good luck to all the ladies competing- I'm still in England and therefore won't be applying, but I look forward to hearing about the winner and I'll see you this summer for Miss Greater Cleveland!


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